Boat Trips

The sea and fishing have always played a very important part in the livelihood of the Cornish. To show you some of this heritage we organise boat trips, where you can fish yourself or just enjoy some of our beautiful scenery and wildlife from the water.

Barry Mundy, one of our local fishermen can take you on a fishing trip to fish for some of the local fish caught in our waters and when possible will be able to show you some of the local shellfish which he catches ‘day to day’ this being predominantly the main source of local fishing income in these times.

Alternatively, Barry can take you on a trip which will allow you to view the spectacular rugged coastline around Mullion.

Barry has a wealth of information about this part of the coast which he is always willing to share; these include tales and facts about the old smuggling traditions carried out in this area in ‘times gone by’; the locations of wrecks of ships which have floundered on our coast and information about the unique geology in this area of the coastline.

During the scenic trip, Barry will take you to the ‘Seal Caves’ where you will be able to see the seals which live and breed in our waters. If you are interested in birds he will be able to show you many different species and places where they nest and live.


Please contact us and book your boat trip with Barry, be it fishing or scenic, we are sure it will provide you with unforgetable memories of Cornwall.


Welcome on board !

...bookings taken at the
          'Cornish Spirit' Tourist Office
               in Mullion
                    ++44 (0) 1326 241556


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